Tips to pitch a publishing house for your first book

There are many authors around the world, who wrote a book so that their views and thoughts may reach to the general public. There are many cases when some thoughts or life experience of an author helped a lot to the reader in this difficult time. To make a strong bond between author and reader, it is necessary that author has to publish his book on the best publisher. There are many publishers who take lot money for publishing book and did not provide necessary services. But it is not…

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How long does it take to write a book?

There are many writers around the world who wrote books. Many of books are still writing by authors. Many writers also joining the writing field and are getting acquainted with the self publishing world as I write this post for the Veritas Academy. The Writing field is one of the major fields where writer expresses his feelings, emotions and experiences to the audience. By writing, he can express his love, joy, sadness. While by reading his thoughts, the audience understands that how to handle such situations. New writers, who are…

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