5 Writing Contest Opportunities for 2018

5 Writing Contest Opportunities for 2018 The excitement of entering a writing competition is something every writer should experience at least once. If you’ve never entered a writing contest and are looking for opportunities to fit your writing style, here are 5 competitions you can choose from in 2018. Each of them offers cash prizes and the chance for your work to be recognized by the international community. Pick the competition that suits your genre and good luck with your submission! 1. CDS Documentary Essay Prize in Writing The competition…

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Adding Front & Back Material in a Kindle Book

Adding Front & Back Material in a Kindle Book One of the formatting tasks you have when it comes to self-publishing with Kindle is adding front and back matter to your book. These are specific things that you want to include in your book that will help you with promotion, protecting your original material and more. We will take a look at exactly what you need to have in your front and back material and why and how you can make things easier for yourself when it comes to making…

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How To? 

How to become a self published author?

Now, authors are thinking to become self-published so that they can get more name and fame. But, is it possible to become a self-published? Is it possible for an author to write book or journal in such a way that he can publish it for himself? If you are the one, who has a dream to become a self-published author, then you must have to know about platforms like Type and Tell, and all the tips, tricks, and strategies to become a famous self-published author. In last few days, it has…

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Tips to pitch a publishing house for your first book

There are many authors around the world, who wrote a book so that their views and thoughts may reach to the general public. There are many cases when some thoughts or life experience of an author helped a lot to the reader in this difficult time. To make a strong bond between author and reader, it is necessary that author has to publish his book on the best publisher. There are many publishers who take lot money for publishing book and did not provide necessary services. But it is not…

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How long does it take to write a book?

There are many writers around the world who wrote books. Many of books are still writing by authors. Many writers also joining the writing field and are getting acquainted with the self publishing world as I write this post for the Veritas Academy. The Writing field is one of the major fields where writer expresses his feelings, emotions and experiences to the audience. By writing, he can express his love, joy, sadness. While by reading his thoughts, the audience understands that how to handle such situations. New writers, who are…

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The perks of being a book writer

Good writing is the only one way to connect things. This is one of the ways in which reader can connect to writer and understand all things about the specific topic. Good writer concentrates on his thoughts so that there is simple and effective communication between writer and reader. His only motive is to connect the audience with his story. The writer should also have information about which kind of word is to use in which story. Do not use too much long sentence and large words so that reader…

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